HotelBOSS trading as Alfie is taking room service out of the room and providing it to the customer wherever they are ith its new product ALFIE. Want to order a meal at check-in delivered to the pool bar in 10 minutes? No problem. Just order


Hotels are beginning to embrace social media and data analytics to improve guests’ experiences and boost revenue.  A hotel’s ability to keep up with technology will differentiate successful organisations going forward.  Existing ‘in-house’ apps are limited to providing service to the guest’s room only, and the layouts are unique to each hotel.


Alfie seeks to revolutionise the industry by enabling orders from anywhere in the hotel via GPS-beacon technology, and will allow orders to be delivered to the customer wherever they are. room service provided to a guest based on their specific geo-location in hotel environs.  Your stay, your way.  Be the boss.

The technology also allows a range of other functionality including remote checkout, mobile payment, and hyper-local, highly contextual messages and promotions to be sent to customers on their smartphones.  Importantly customers do not need to use a different app for each hotel.

Hotels should expect to see a rise in room service revenue and overall operational efficiency.  Guests…well they should have more fun.

Target market

Hotels (major chains to independents), Guests (corporate and personal), and Corporate travel


Alfie has finished its major platform and has been busy working with PKF to develop a pitch deck and validate key financial assumptions in a commercial pilot with two premier Hotel groups, helped by a $25,000 MVP grant from JobsforNSW .  In 2016 it completed a valuable stint with the H2 Accelerator in Sydney.  Alfie is in the final stages of a capital raise with Sydney Angels.  Fingers crossed!