SlasherTeck is bringing high technology to the task of roadside maintenance.


Slasherteck designs machines to automate the hazardous, costly and never-ending task of slashing roadside grass around millions of poles, fences, safety barriers and signposts lining highways and byways.

The patented innovation is a rotating triple-bladed mulching unit that can slash around posts. The strong and durable unit, incorporating a single slot to accommodate posts of different sizes, works by being located with a post at its centre and then rotated completely around the post using a hydraulically driven motor and 12 mulching blades.

Slasherteck can remember the work it has done, using GPS and Cloud-based technology. When grass regrows it knows where posts are located on a particular stretch of road and can repeat the job. This system saves further time and cost, and further enhances road safety.

Product benefits

Slasherteck uses one man on a tractor to do the job of whole teams of roadside workers in a fraction of the time saving cost, time and improving roadside safety from passing traffic. Today, roadside workers laboriously trim vegetation around the multitude of safety fence poles and advisory signs manually and use chemical sprays to keep new growth at bay.  The new machine drastically reduces the need for chemical spraying of grass and instead delivers a recyclable mulch which is environmentally sustainable.

Target Market

Councils, municipal, landscape architecture, roads, roadside maintenance, engineering, environmental and safety, Australia, Asia-Pacific and worldwide


Slasherteck is available for sale. a range of other exciting complementary roadside innovations are on the way in the next 12 months.  Find more detail at