Sydney company Edenvale Wines is at the forefront of Australian production and exporting of non-alcoholic wines high in antioxidants and low in calories.


Edenvale produces and sells a range of alcohol-removed wine products for domestic and export markets.  The manufacture of products involves a three-stage process: preparation of the base wine, a de-alcoholising process, and a reconstitution (or blending) process.

Product benefits

Non-alcoholic wines have established markets overseas and increasingly in Australia where strong growth is projected.

Target market

Non-alcoholic wines are targeted to anyone who likes wine but would prefer to have a non-alcoholic product.

This market includes pregnant women abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy and those who have an adverse physical reaction to alcohol.


Edenvale is targeting major liquor retail outlets in Australia and internationally (NZ, Belgium, China, Korea, Vietnam and Canada) and is poised for rapid growth.

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