Australian Hydrogen Conversions develops a hydrogen-on-demand unit for trucks.


Fuel costs are a significant part of road transport costs in a traditionally low margin industry.  Transport is the second largest energy user industry in Australia accounting for 17% of Australian greenhouse gases in particular CO2 and nitrogen oxides (Vehicle Emissions Discussion Paper, Clth., Feb 2016).  Emissions arise from imperfect engine combustion, and are also influenced by the fuel used in the combustion process.  Noxious emissions from vehicles are generally controlled and mitigated through the adoption of technologies such as catalysts and particulate filters.

Product benefits

The AHC unit (patent pending) delivers a fuel saving of 45-50%, depending on use, significantly reduces vehicle exhaust emissions and enhances engine performance in any truck old or new and for any fuel type.

For transport and logistics companies or manufacturers that operate large truck fleets the annual cost of fuel is significant.  An AHC unit pays for itself in 3-4 months.

The unit is small, easy to install after market and comes with its own warranty. The unit is not attached to the engine in any way and does not therefore void vehicle warranties.

Early versions have been tested independently on a range of passenger vehicles and trucks in order to validate performance.

Target market

Transport sector and manufacturers that operate long-haul and other vehicle fleets.


AHC is busy piloting its unit with lead users and preparing for first sales.  To date, its 2 commercial demonstration units have travelled over 15,000 kilometres validating its performance expectations and the durability of its construction.