Green SIP Manufacturing is taking SIP panel technology to the next level with new ambitions targeting affordable housing.


Green SIP makes high quality SIP panels that replace the stud frame, the plasterboard lining, the insulation and external cladding in traditional residential homes.  All product is carbon neutral, sustainable, has superior insulating, fire and acoustic capabilities, and offers the high impact finishes that make plastering and painting easy. Product is precision engineered to specification and delivered on-site as a numbered flat pack for the builder.

The Product

The panel fit is so precise that fast on-site installation is assured. Walls for a basic 3-bedroom house are typically installed in one day. The floor system is being designed to dispense with a conventional slab foundation. Completion to lock-up is much faster than conventional building methods lifting productivity, involving fewer trades on-site, and making housing more affordable.

Target Market

Affordable and social housing in NSW.


Green SIP is completing its first set of pilot homes before scaling up for initial sales and commercial production from its factory in Somersby, NSW.