Want to know about The Priest and the Thief, a film from Africa made in 1980 or the latest films from Algeria? FilmDoo is global film discovery platform for people to discover and share little known independent films from around the world that few ever get the chance to see.


Most VOD platforms promote only Hollywood films. This represents only a small percentage of films that are made each year internationally. Most films screened in one country rarely make it across the border or ocean to another, and most budding film makers never get the chance to showoff their skills. Their is a long tail of international movies waiting to be discovered.


By combining FilmDoo’s personalised film recommendation matching approach, strong editorial team and social community into one single platform, FilmDoo platform intends to be the ‘Spotify’ or the ‘Amazon’ for independent and foreign films. Unlike other VOD platforms, FilmDoo is able to work with players at all levels of the film value chain, including distributors, sales agents and filmmakers themselves to bring the best of what is available to the VOD community for long form and short form movies.

Target market

Anyone with a love of movies, or spare time on their hands


FilmDoo is currently crowd funding on Seedrs. Check out their website at http://www.filmdoo.com