Catch up with William Page, co-founder of Filmdoo, to hear his start-up journey.


My introduction to the world of start-ups has been rather unconventional. As a corporate lawyer I used to advise venture capital funds on their fund formation and on making early stage start-up investments, which gave me a great insight into the startup ecosystem and I met some interesting and highly disruptive start-ups. I quickly caught the entrepreneurial bug and realised that I wanted to do a start-up myself!

So I walked away from my legal career and founded FilmDoo, which is an online platform redefining the way people experience and engage with films from around the world. My co-founder and I founded FilmDoo out of a love of international films, which we realised were often hard to get due to an out-dated film distribution system that pre-dates the Internet.

Founding the platform in May 2015 it has grown substantially this year from around 7,000 visitors per month in January to over 250,000 last month. Our library has also grown to over 1,000 films and short films and we have some pretty exciting tech ideas in the pipeline. I love enabling emerging filmmakers to be seen and heard and in giving people access to great, and often thought provoking content, that they would otherwise be unable to see.

We have raised $200,000 to date in capital and are currently crowdfunding on Seedrs ( and are always on the look-out for partners to help spread the word and to find new and exciting ways to expand the business. If you want to find out more I’d love to hear from you.

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