We catch up with Amanda Parker and Jodi Hooker, the team behind Sea 2 Skin to hear their start-up story.

We are two down to earth, vivacious, ocean-lovin’ girls who’ve gained a strong connection with the ocean having grown up on the Australian east coast. We are both very passionate about skincare having dealt with various skin conditions from chromic eczema, acne, pigmentation and skin sensitivity. We are conscious about what we put on our skin, only choosing products that are environmentally friendly, cruelty free, and contain no nasties.

The first seed of Sea 2 Skin was sewn 10 years ago. We were living in London in modest conditions where we found comfort in our weekly pamper sessions involving a DIY face mask, a little beauty treatment to make our skin feel fresh and nourished. On returning to Australia we discovered there weren’t any face masks on the market that we loved so we decided to create our own… and Sea 2 Skin was born!

As a start-up, we’ve been lucky to harness our strong design aesthetic and skill set to create our business, with the help of our creative, innovative and passionate product manufacturer!

The best thing about starting a business is the gratitude we feel when we look back on our journey and how far we’ve come. Skincare is something we are truly passionate about so it doesn’t seem like work. We love the creative side of the business; designing our branding, social media, product development and photo-shoots (all the fun stuff!!). While we face a lot of challenges, we are lucky to have the support of each other and advice from some amazing mentors.

Our goal is to grow into a successful international brand, which offers a full range of skincare essentials that are high quality, affordable, for everyone to enjoy.

We have recently been picked up by Urban Outfitters in the US after they found us on Instagram! This is one of our brand’s first big milestones and we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Find more details at http://www.sea2skin.com.au