Catch up with John Dumay, half of the men behind Dad ‘n Dave’s Brewing, to hear his start-up journey.

Dad, (John) started brewing 29 years ago, when as a young father he could not afford commercial beer, so he made his own. When Dave was a small boy, he used to help Dad with brewing and bottling. We started because as father and son we have a love for making beer.

We then started brewing together when Dave turned 18. At the time he was a low paid apprentice chef. He soon fell in love with the craft of creating different beers and flavours and sharing this with his increasing number of friends.

We love working together. To advance our beer-making skills we studied beer brewing at Ballarat University. We have learned along the way to concentrate on what the customers want, rather than what we want to make.

We use MYOB to keep track of inventory, cash flow and performance, because as a small growing business, all three are a balancing act, especially when we are growing so rapidly. Good timely accounting helps us keep our finger on the pulse of our business.

Our key challenge today is to meet demand and growth, along with finding the extra working capital needed to fund that growth.