We are passionate about our entrepreneurs and businesses that are developing products and solutions that impact the world around us – what we do, how we do it, and how we live – whether it be industrial products, manufacturing, agriculture, medical devices or mining to name just a few.

We are in the relationship business so we invest in you to understand you and your business and how we can add value.  We price our services in the same way with integrity and transparency.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we partner with you, our client innovators, to focus on what really matters – taking your product to market, growing your cash flows and the value of your business.

  • Our clients plan to fund and sustain business models that work for them and their customers.
  • Our clients upscale their investment in R&D using external funding and expertise to compete effectively on a bigger stage
  • Our clients manage their R&D and IP purposefully, to link R&D investments to specific market driven opportunities.

We succeed when we combine your ideas with our expertise to add value and distinction to you and your business.

Our Innovation Team

Jeremy Pooley


We are motivated by helping you develop products and services that have a high impact.  We back you to succeed. Where there is uncertainty we work to create clarity for the way ahead.

Jeremy has over 20 years experience in business consulting at PwC as a Partner, as a start-up entrepreneur, and most recently at AMP focusing on working with large businesses and SME’s to define, fund and bring to market new ideas that grow revenue and profit. With a background in law and business, he has a track record in working with his clients to build the business and financial infrastructure, and secure the funding clients need to get their products to market.  Whether it be accessing R&D, government funding, private capital, off balance sheet financing, support from anchor customers, or finding the right research and commercial partners to support growth, my focus is to help you get your products to market and build business value – uniting your job and your passion.

Jeremy works across a range of industries from engineering, to mining services, manufacturing, medical devices, and ICT.
Jeremy holds a Master of Laws from Sydney University and a BEc/LLB (Hons.) from ANU and is a graduate of Stanford University and London Business School short course programs in customer design and marketing.

Sean Harris

Innovation Manager

Having a structured approach to how you formulate and execute your R&D strategy is critical to driving growth and investment in a business.

Sean has over 9 years of experience in research consulting (both at Ernst and Young and Griffith Hack), university technology transfer and patent examination. This has equipped him with significant insight on both the commercial and academic sides of the research process. With a background in biotechnology, intellectual property and business, he has a demonstrated ability to digest large amounts of complex legal and technical information in order to service the commercial goals of clients. Sean has been working with an ever increasing range of technologies from engineering to biotechnology, manufacturing, waste recovery, ICT and even cryptocurrency.

The value that Sean brings to clients relate to understanding how they can best align their research activities with their commercial strategy in the development of valuable IP assets. The Federal and State government funding landscape is constantly shifting and in most cases shrinking. Sean is equipped with the skill set to help clients navigate this to maximise the amount of funding they can receive by strategically identifying and pursing unique combinations of funding sources that can drive research, growth and investment in their business.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Biotechnology Innovation (with Honours) from Queensland University of Technology and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Technology, Sydney.